Guide for Direct Contact Printing of Barcode and QR Code Symbols on Corrugated Board

$ 10.00

This is the third edition of the Barcode Guide with new features and expanded content. The updated “Guide for Direct Contact Printing of Barcode and QR Symbols on Corrugated Board” is a complete resource document for direct contact printing of linear barcodes and QR symbols on corrugated board. Both novices and experts in printing these symbologies on corrugated board will find useful information in this Guide.

Examples of changes in the third edition include:

  • Updated content reorganized to reflect the current state-of-the-art
  • New index to make locating information easier
  • Electronic links for virtually all technical resource material
  • Clarification of individual scan grade determination and overall scan grade calculation
  • Updated ink jet printing section
  • New QR code section
  • New graphics page with barcode and QR code symbols
  • Expanded references

Paper booklet available for purchase.

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